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Yoni Health Suppositories (20ct) & Feminine Cleansing Wash 3.5 oz Yoni Health Suppositories (20ct) & Feminine Cleansing Wash 3.5 oz
Yoni Health Suppositories (20ct) & Feminine Cleansing Wash 3.5 oz $24.00 $30.00
Description Solve your Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) Infection the Natural Way with the Yoni Health Suppositories and gentle Feminine Cleansing Wash. This product helps with vaginal yeast infections and vaginal odors that are caused by:   Menstruation Intercourse Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) Antibiotics Menopause   Using these Boric Acid Vaginal Health Suppositories, are the Ultimate Confidence Booster to your feminine hygiene routine! The Yoni Health Suppositories helps support vaginal pH balance and increase vaginal lubrication. It comes with Boric Acid Feminine Gel Wash to use during or after menstral cycle or as needed for added freshness and includes a free applicator.   Yoni Health Suppositories ARE A MUST-HAVE FOR: Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) & Yeast Infections Unpleasant Vaginal Odor Ongoing Ph Imbalance Vaginal Dryness Maintenance after Menstrual Cycle & Intercourse How To Use Insert one (1) suppository with your applicator, preferably at bedtime, for up to (5) days. Please wear panty liners while using this product. There will be a slight leakage. Refrain from intercourse for 8-12 hours after the suppository has been inserted. For Yeast Infections insert one (1) suppository at night for 7 days, and make sure to wear a panty liner. The Yoni Health Suppositories can also be used 1-2 times per week or as needed for freshness. This is for VAGINAL USE ONLY. Do not ingest or swallow! Ingredients Suppository: 600 mg Boric Acid Powder, Vegetable Capsule Feminine Wash: Aloe Vera, Glycerin, Essential Oil, Boric Acid, Infused Herbs FAQ One of the most important benefits of Boric Acid Suppositories is that its gentle enough to use in women that have reoccurring vaginal issues such as BV-Bacterial Vaginosis, Yeast Infection, Vaginal Odor and Vaginal Dryness/Itching. Women who utilize Boric Acid Suppositories report an overall improvement in Vaginal Health!! “MIRACLE IN A BOTTLE” 😊 Our Vaginal Health Suppositories are Safe and Natural Treatment for BV and Yeast Infections   What’s is a Vegetable capsule? Vegetable capsules are 100% plant based. How often should I insert a suppository when I have a vaginal infection? Insert 1 suppository for up to 5 days however if you have a severe case of BV you must insert 1 suppository for 7 days for your infection to clear.  For Yeast Infections insert one (1) suppository at night for 7 days. Make sure to always wear a panty liner once suppository is inserted. Should I use the suppository at night? The suppository can be used anytime, make sure to wear a panty liner as there may be leakage as the suppository dissolves. Intimate Activities: Hold off on intimacy for 8-12 hours after suppository is inserted and make sure to shower before engaging in sexual activity. Can the suppositories be used during menstruation? To eliminate menstrual odor during your period, insert a suppository 1-2 days before your cycle begins then insert a suppository as your cycle is about to end and 1 day after it ends completely. Do the suppositories expire? The shelf life is indefinite make sure to store in a cool room temperature environment.  
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